​The book takes its peak point catching up with full mystery and adventures which vividly speaks about thd mythological world of Orkney and thats when everything fall into place. The beautiful author has put various elements combined to make the story more interesting and full of excitement. She has without any disappointment describes the flares and plots clear which makes the story more flawless.

Plot: Sam Baron is in the grip of the evil leader witch Catriona and before that he reveals himself with a darker side for which he is endangered  with his darkness taking his toll and he is an important weapon of the Volgrim witches. Sam is a captive in Catriona’s prison and he is unaware that his friends have been summoned by Odin to Orkney to save his life. They have been assigned to help no matter what circumstances it leads to or even if death make its way they still have to find a way to rescue Sam . Now the question arises is Sam able to overcome his dark side? What impact and strategies are carried out to release him from the captive? And how the story takes the path? In order to get all the answers to the questions i would recommend my fellow readers to go ahead and read the book. 

The author has stored in many beautiful words and jotted them into beautiful phrases which makes a connection between the reader and keep an urge to know whats happening next. She has engrossed many mythological scenarios which makes the book to be a page turner. Her writings are curved with rich words and has a vast input of imagination which carries the reader to a different world ie into the story. There are many textures and elements which make the story more creative. 

Throughout the story keely has been my favourite. She is amongst one of the friends of Sam and somewhere i felt that she is the strongest to handle situations somewhere there is a strong connection between her and Sam. 

Overall i had a good time with the book and I would be looking forward to read more of Alane Adams tasteful stories full of adventures and myths stored in it.. 


Review ‘ Songs Of Our Breakup’

The beautiful author Jay E.Tria has written this beautiful book and as the name suggests it clearly defines and carries a story about a girl named Jill who is much awaited to overcome the emotions after her 7year relationship broke into pieces. And things took into turmoil because the love of her life named as kim was the lead guitarist in the same band where she performed as a vocalist. She always had to face him and situations were always awkard but much thanks to the other band members who took things other way to make the circumstances and results normal. Despite her struggle to forget her relationship its pretty much hard for her to move on with her feelings still alive for kim. 

The story is simple yet the characters have been placed into perfect broadlines which helps the reader to relate the situations with ease. The story is balanced and the author has played quite well with the plottings without making any fuss with extra overflowing emotions and tears all the way long.

Breakups do hurt but the strength to move on is the key to lead a happy and a new life. This is how things turn the table when Jill meets her celebrity friend Shinta who from the start of the story seems to be awed away with looks, his attraction and care towards Jill too easily gets distracted when Shinta is around and the chemistry between them is beautiful . Now the question arises will Jill be able to overcome her feelings towards Kim? With whom Jill will end up with? In order to get the answers I would highly recommend my fellow book readers to go ahead and read this contemporary romance. 

And lastly i would love to flaunt about the author who turns a prose into a beautiful lyrics in particular plots to make the storyline more distinctive and go with the flow. Her immense capability to capture the moments and knock the words into a sharp and definative plot makes the story crystal clear and at the same time the book to be a page turner.


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CITY BLUES  by A.L Gibson is a fictional story based on encounters of true life events which revolves around ‘Sedelia’ the beautiful character who defines her period where things were so difficult for her family they had to went through.

Poka City Blues is one of the most heart touching story with strong emotions and the engagement of heart to heart interactions which clearly defines the characters involved in the story. The story is powerful, strong and at the same time have the power to melt the heart of the reader. The story intrigued me to the last and neverthless I didnt wanted it to end.

A huge appreciation also goes to the author who has put in so many words of different stimulation and vibrants that it makes the story more compelling and the reader to invest all its time till the end. There are so many elements put together which potraits the character and her life flawlessly.

I at the verge of the story learnt two things that life is not an easy going way and we never know whats written next for us so its always better not to give up and present ourselves with a strong attitude and secondly we must always held our head striaght and forward without giving up no matter how brutal or cruel situations turn out to be.

I would recommend all my dear friends to read this story and get emmersed with the emotions it carries because there are messages to learn and to be felt. I believe we are staying in a world with less worries and after reading this book I have become much certain what i believe in. Prepare to cry your heart out when you make a tour to this lovely story.


The Midnight Society is the first book from the Midnight Chronicles series where it showcases a young character who at first is unaware of her powers and slowly as time passes she gets entangled with different situations and understands her value towards others.
The book totally turned out be gear breaking spear and the momentum carried till the end. I must say it was an interesting read and the characters revolving around the story are perfectly placed without any failure. The story has got twist plots, butt kicking characters and ferocious moves indulged both in good and evil dimensional agenda. The more the reader gets engrossed with the story the more the curiousity, intensity and dynamic vibrations starts evolving within the counter parts. The time travelling concept makes the amendments clear and better and makes the book a page turner. The chemistry between the elements makes my heart melt everytime i get them getting closer to each other. I am glad that i have managed to get stuck with the story plots without any difficulty and made an urge to look forward for the second part of the book. I had a good taste of the story and got emmersed myself with all the possible connection i could find. So guys if you are looking for some fun, fast paced and ultra active sci – fi you can check this book and trust me you will enjoy the heart tickling adventures and twists in the story. The author of the book has made no disappointment and has made the lovely effort with her storyline to build the curiousity among the readers to read further from the next upcoming book in the series.


The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is a heart touching story, mixture of emotions where plots are perfectly put into place rather than pulling off things . It has showcased to input the feelings of people who are aware of their struggles and the situations they have been going through but despite of the baffles in their lives they want to lead a normal life and accept the reality.

The beauty of the book is that it clearly points about human emotions, a desire to continue loving and at the same time playing with the emotions that builds up. But the truth is they already know about the reality and the circumstances they have been facing or will face sooner or later ie death.. The characters have been placed beautifully, their friendship, their communication and relationship with each other, their aggression towards people at times, frustration and at the same time their understandings which makes the storyline more deep and engrossed with faith and hopes and the desire to lead a normal life.

Plot :
Hazel Grace and Augustus Water are extraordinary characters who share their ideas, wits and journey of love carries them to an unforgettable precious bonding which was evolved when they met at a cancer support group.
Their journey ends at a certain time but before that they had a beautiful journey which was memoriable for both. The story has an undefined bent which discusses the meaning of life and death.

A hidden lesson:

Reality : Every person has got problems in life no matter how rich or poor he or she is. We must face whats coming in our way and embrace the worst at times because situations help us to experience a new lesson which helps us to grow. There are people around us who are aware of their lives and have little time in their hands to be alive so we must be grateful for our lives and live our life with positive deeds and never run away from problems. A person must always have the urge to live their life to the fullest.



I pass by lonely thoughts
wandering over high mountains and valleys
sometimes fluttering around with the stars
while the waves below tossing its head over a hurricane sea

When i am battered with fury or in pensive mood
I swirl across the mountain snow
and clearly the sound of agony howls
while after a matter of hours i am lured and adourned to rest.

when the morning sun with the burning desire outspread….
i flutter my wings and wake up the lazy buds
who seems to be nursling with love in the hands of mother earth…

I am the dome  of welded air
stretching across the whole of my mother
wailing choirs of joy and at times destruction
and at times the last twitters in the form of winnowing wind……